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Success Stories

Innovating to Boost Early Learning in Colombia

In Colombia, only 44% of children graduate grade school. That undermines their success in work and life. That’s why United Way Colombia has worked to support learning for children, parents and teachers, starting in the early school years.

United Way extended psychological and socio-emotional support to 3,350 teachers and 114,000 students and their families. This support included tools for kids, tips for parents and teachers, and virtual teacher training on creativity. United Way also created the “Virtual Maker Lab” to boost teachers’ effectiveness in distance learning, using platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and mass media. To help parents, United Way developed videos and images to spark children’s creativity while also offering mental health benefits like meditation, music and reading.

Around the world, United Ways continue to build the bridges that meet ever-evolving needs among youth and their families.


Other Sucess Stories

Investing In Our Youngest Citizens

The first few years are critical ones for children to development a foundation for success in school, work and life. United Way of Mexico is fueling United Way’s Born Learning program across Mexico, a United Way initiative that helps parents, caregivers and early childhood education professionals give children the resources and support they need to

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Supporting Homeless Youth

In Montreal, nearly one in four children grows up in poverty. That means they are more likely to drop out of high school, earn lower incomes, live in poorer conditions and continue the cycle of poverty. Centraide of Greater Montreal (United Way Montreal) is focused on shifting the odds. United Way engages 175 community agencies,

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United Way Southwest Virginia Invests in the Future

In Southwest Virginia the threat of persistent poverty has cast a long shadow. Over the course of decades, this lingering issue has affected 6% of the state’s population or more than 492k Virginia residents, leaving entire counties trapped in a cycle of deprivation. Breaking this cycle requires more than just good intentions. Persistent poverty is

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